Ipanema Summer Baby VII Navy


Ipanema Summer Baby VII Navy

The perfect sandal for big adventures! Strawberry and cherry appliques are mounted to both feet – great for imaginative play. The gingham velcro strap is excellent for the little ones to adjust themselves, perfect for running around.
100% Plastic.

Whilst ‘Ipanema’ refers to one of Brazil’s most exclusive Rio de Janeiro neighbourhoods, today the name is principally identified with the world famous Brazilian footwear brand. The company designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of breathtaking women’s sandals that depict the free flowing artistry, natural beauty and unbridled energy that Brazil and its people are renowned for.

Brazil is synonymous with jaw dropping beaches, astounding scenery and wonderfully vibrant festivals, and each Ipanema women’s sandal manages to capture this passion and spontaneity in each design. Whether it be eye catching single colour designs that effortlessly showcase a sense of youthful charm and innocence, or ultra-chic designs that convey a more relaxed and refined tone, Ipanema’s breadth of imaginative styles are sure to satisfy the appetites of all consumers.

For those that fancy bright and colourful, patterned designs, Ipanema has a range of wonderfully decorated sandal styles that are heavily influenced by the fabulous 50’s, perhaps in honour of the decade that the Ipanema locale is first known to have shot to international stardom. Ipanema also pays homage to contemporary Brazilian life as well, with the glitz and glamour of modern day Rio fully realised with a line of sumptuous casual footwear.

Brazil’s legendary natural beauty has also been meticulously imbued into the heart and soul of many designs, with the serenity and spectacular tropical scenery readily featuring, a reflection of the splendid surrounds of Rio.

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