Ipanema Curl Fem Premium Black


Ipanema Curl Fem Premium Black

Universal sandals from Ipanema. The upper part is made of material – high-quality material. The insole is made of synthetic material. The sole is produced from high-quality material. You can wear this model with clothes in different styles.

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Ipanema Curl Fem Premium Black

Casual model from Ipanema. The upper part is made of material – high-quality material. Comfort is provided by the insoles made of synthetic material. The sole made from high-quality material provides good adhesion to surfaces. This footwear has an attractive look thanks to the decoration made of synthetic material. This model will complete your casual style.

Created in 2001, Ipanema is named after one of Rio de Janeiro’s most famous and beautiful beach. It is now world leader of flip flops market, thanks to its feminine, sophisticated and innovating positioning : Ipanema created an anatomic sole that relieves the arch of the foot offering an optimial comfort. The brand proposes eco-friendly and fun styles made of recycled PVC and even a collection designed by top model Giselle Bundchen. At the beach or in the city, and anywhere you are, Ipanema flip flops are the perfect accessories for a sunny and laid-back day !

Ipanema go a bit further when adding quality to Thongs. Just as other manufacturers would be packing shoes into their boxes, Ipanema’s are given a finishing touch to make them more alluring and special. Whether it is a glittery shine or a matt coating, a crystal or a charm, Ipanema puts the icing on the flip flop!

Our Thongs are produced with a strong ethical stand point. Wherever possible we try and do things in a way which promotes the environment.

Here are just some of the ways in which we do this:

  • We use only 100% synthetic materials to produce our plastic and thongs (this means they are suitable for vegans too!).
  • 99% of any “waste” from the production process is recycled – meaning there is virtually no waste!
  • Our plastic lasts far longer than ordinary rubber thongs however should you decide it is time for a new pair they can be recycled due to our clever use of Melflex PVC.
  • Our Melflex plastic is far more environmentally friendly than rubber as it is recyclable. Rubber is much more difficult to recycle due to it being produced using crude oil.
  • We control all of the production process so we can be confident that everything is done properly.
  • Our employees are all adults and are treated properly.

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