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First conceived by Dr William Mathias Scholl, more than a century ago in 1907, the Scholl brand was born out of a desire to help sufferers of foot pain. A certified doctor with a masterful knowledge of human anatomy, scientific principle was at the very centre of Dr Scholl’s ground-breaking footwear designs. Throughout the 20th century, the company was responsible for a slew of iconic sandal designs that not only looked fabulous, but aided in the wellbeing of the wearer. Beyond footwear, the company’s area of expertise expanded to encompass all manner of products aimed at preventing and minimising pain experienced in the foot and leg region.

Fast forward to the present day and Scholl is still at the very forefront of footwear design and ingenuity. At Thong On, we’re delighted to be able to share with you, the many wonderful Kids, Mens and Womens Scholl sandals and thongs with the highest emphasis placed on personal comfort, you will not find a more snug and satisfying fit for your feet, than what Scholl footwear can offer. All Scholl sandals have been designed in a such a way that enables you to wear them for long periods of time without the fear of discomfort.

At Thong On, buying your favourite Scholl thongs designs has never been simpler. Our intuitive and easy to understand checkout system makes buying products and effortless experience. Select your style, your size and the quantity, all with the click of a mouse button. To be sure that you choose the correct thong size, please visit our size guide page. There are few things we enjoy more than showering our loyal customers with fantastic deals and remarkable savings on our stocked items, so be sure to stop by our Sales page regularly, as you never know when an amazing new pair of Scholl sandals or thongs will turn up at a bargain price!

As true today, as it was when the company first opened, the Scholl thongs brisbane represents the pinnacle of scientific research, development and technology. Each Scholl product has been meticulously styled and crafted from materials that promote maximum comfort and durability for the wearer, resulting in an open-toe footwear design that delivers an unrivalled level of enjoyment.

For unbeatable prices on the latest Scholl sandals and thongs, shop at Thong On, Australia’s premier sandals and thongs store!