More than 12,000 pairs of Archies Arch Support Thongs were recently given to Australian healthcare professionals by Archies Footwear, who felt incredibly honored to do so. 

The Royal Melbourne Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital, The Alfred Hospital, The Epworth, Prince of Wales Hospital, St George Hospital, Sutherland Hospital, Sydney, and Sydney Eye Hospital are some of the hospitals that all received the Arch Support Thongs to distribute to their staff members. 

The CEO of Archies Footwear, Daniel Jones, said the Archies team was thrilled to learn how the donations were greeted by the hospital workers. In line with what he had hoped for, he mentioned how thrilled he was to hear the donations put smiles on many faces at the hospitals and the staff. 

“We thought what better way is there for us to be able to help our health care professionals relax than look after their feet in a pair of Archies after being on their feet all day serving those who need it most in Australia. Thank you so much for everything you have done, and are doing, local healthcare professionals. You are heroes in every sense of the word.” stated Archies Footwear boss; Daniel Jones.

On his part, Richard Thayer, Corporate & Community Partnerships Manager at St. Vincent’s Hospital, explained how much the gift meant to the workers. 

“Thank you to Archies Footwear on behalf of our workers for the sizeable donation in appreciation of the care that our personnel offers. Staff members at the hospital received Archies. It was wonderful to see how this donation cheered up the employees who care for patients with some of our most complex, and diverse medical issues, as they had expressed that they were having a particularly difficult day” he said. 

The Idea Behind Archies Arch Support Thongs

Daniel Jones, 37, now the CEO and Founder of Archies Footwear noticed a gap in the market for his thongs, which are not only good-looking but also good for people’s feet.

He also noticed — during his time as a physiotherapist— that many of the patients who came to see him either wore flat straps, and hurt their feet, or had injuries that required proper shoes to be worn. 

He confessed to recommending thongs to patients that he would also not wish to wear. At this point, the idea for Archies was building up. Since he also didn’t like the way most thongs felt and looked, he began to think of ways to create a thing that looked like a regular one but still had the right level of orthopedic support. 

Although orthopedic straps began as a dream in a backyard shed in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley, it is now sold in thousands of retail outlets across Australia and around the world.

Archies might sound like an overnight success, but the brand’s history stretches back more than a decade when Jones was still a physical therapist. 

Archies Thongs Built

With up to 2.2 cm of orthopedic support, Archies lacing provides the same support you get from a standard orthotic. And thanks to its patented design, it looks exactly like his regular thong.

The support provided by Archies shoes helps keep the foot in a more biomechanical position, reducing stress transmitted to the musculoskeletal system.

The thong is comfortable, made from a high-quality foam material, and gives a “wow” effect to everyone who tries it on. Once you get used to it, you won’t want to take it off, and most people say that they won’t wear normal thongs anymore after wearing Archies thongs.

Podiatrists, in particular, find that the Archies thong works best when the patient is not wearing braces. They provide vital support while giving you much-needed fresh air away from your shoes. Podiatrists also note that Archie Cone is very helpful for people suffering from foot ailments, such as plantar fasciitis. 

Soft arch support helps create the perfect environment for healing compared to walking barefoot on hard surfaces or typical flat straps. One of the features of the thong most appreciated by medical professionals is its tighter straps and extremely lightweight design, allowing for more optimal foot function. Users can walk in a more natural gait pattern than otherwise. 

Furthermore, the Archies thong’s tight straps, ultra-soft foam, and arch support help users to walk long distances in the thong without pain, making it perfect for long walks. 

Archie Advantages

  1. Built-in arch support promotes optimal posture, and body alignment, especially helpful for people with flat feet or those who wear orthotics regularly.
  1. It is made from a very comfortable material with a special closed-cell foam that fits your feet perfectly and will amaze you. Once you get used to it, you won’t want to take off. 
  1. No more broken straps or disconnected connectors while on the go. The one-piece design makes it extremely durable.
  1. Eliminates the need to grip with your toes, reducing strain on the muscles in your feet, and lower legs that secure the strap to your foot.
  1. Archies is very light on feet, ensuring there are no more heavy, and pounding straps.
  1. As a bonus, it comes with a 30-day comfort guarantee, so you can try it for yourself knowing you can always return it.
  1. Another great feature is that if the toe strap is naturally a little tight, you can stretch it out. Archies thongs should fit “like a glove” with minimal space in front of the toes, and behind the heel so that the arch of the foot is in the correct position on the foot.  

Perfect width

Archies thongs are designed for a relatively slim fit in terms of width. Most people have the outer edge of their foot slightly overhanging the edge. This is Archies’ normal fit for its thongs, so don’t worry if this applies to you. Most people’s feet stick out a bit, but it’s important to note that it’s very rare that Archie’s thongs can’t fit, no matter how wide or narrow your foot is. 

Most importantly, the strap should be comfortable, and the insert is in the correct position on the foot.

Perfect Length 

In terms of length, the thong is designed to be reasonably snug. If it is too long, the insole will not sit in the correct position on your foot. It’s okay if part of the trailing edge of the heel hangs over the edge of the thong. 

It’s different if your heel is completely past the edge of the heel cup, and pushing against the edge of the toe post. But it’s okay if your heel sticks out a little. Again, it is especially important that the strap is comfortable and the insole is in the correct position on the foot. 


It is widely believed that this goodwill action by Archie’s Footwear will go a long way in making a difference for healthcare workers in Australia, and we can’t wait to see them enjoy its benefits!